Monday, June 7, 2010

Sewing Spaces

I think I first picked up a needle and thread when I was in elementary school. My classmates and I were taught some basic stitches as part of our craft class. We were each given a small piece of checkered fabric. The checks served as a form of guide as we sewed the various stitches in rows across the fabric. And along the circumference of the fabric, we learnt to do blanket stitch. We used threads of different colours for each stitch. I remember looking at my completed piece of work with glee because that little piece of cloth was filled with different stitching patterns and bright colours. As I look back with fond memories, that seems to me an easy and smart way to introduce the stitches to kids.

For a long time after leaving school, I didn’t do much sewing at all but I’m glad I found my way back to it in recent years. It’s what I loved and still love.

I was browsing a Japanese magazine and, man, I now know what my dream sewing space would be like (complete with some dream sewing accessories)! ;p

p/s Thanks for all your lovely comments about the journals in my Etsy shop!


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