Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Creative Spurs

It’s June! Wow, almost half a year has gone by. I guess it’s a good time to pause and think if we are on track on what we have set out to do. I’ve been occupied lately with journal making. These are the latest 3 completed ones and the previous one is currently listed in my Etsy shop. Having lots of fun (and paper cuts), so that makes book making my recent craft craze! But today, I saw these:

I used to carry a handkerchief to school when I was a kid. I remember that they were of different designs and I would pick which I wanted for the next day.

Seeing these handmade items by a Japanese crafter made me want to pick up my needles and thread to sew. They are all so sweet! I know what it seems like. I’m jumping into so many things, ain’t I? Do you have that feeling too? Normally, I would be bothered by that and try to rein myself in (“tsk tsk, concentrate on what’s at hand”, “make up your mind on what you love”), but I’ve learnt to not question too much and go with my creative interest. As long as I’m happy and creating. That’s what’s important, right? Besides, one never know what those spur of the moment interests may take one. I hope you follow whatever your heart tells you too!

[images: annas]

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  1. I am a huge FAN of Annas and these talented crafters are such a doll! I wish i could join their workshop.

    Oh sandy, your Handmade Journal with Old Enid Blyton book cover is gorgeous and such a brilliant idea! I grow up reading Enid Blyton. :) You are really talented and very inspirational! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!



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