Monday, April 26, 2010

White and Light - Laura Day Living

If you’ve followed Cookie Cutter for a while, you would have probably noted my love for rustic, eclectic and vintage-inspired interiors. I’m not the biggest fan of the modern sleek minimalist look. But well, there are always exceptions.

Some tips on how to create a similar space.

When I saw this space, my first natural response was that I wanted to sink my toes into the lush carpeting! Love love love the contrast in textures and tones which are employed so perfectly! The generous lighting both artificial and natural contributes to the elegant but also cozy ambience. Designer Laura Day also painted the ceiling with a dark color so your eyes are drawn up to it, highlighting the height of the room. Gorgeous, isn’t it? Ok, I’ll have to admit that the Sakuras in the first image kinda had me right from the beginning.

Happy Monday, lovelies!

[images: Laura Day Living]


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