Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Letterpress - Did I say I love it?

It looks like a lovely day today and I’m wondering if I should work outside. Afterall, I was pretty much indoors the whole of yesterday (you might have read my tweet about the kim chi fried rice I made for dinner). I need to find someplace with good internet connection though. It’s a total drag when I find a comfy seat, buy myself a drink/snack and am ready to start work when alas, I turn on my Mac to realise that the connection is unstable!

One of the things I enjoy doing when taking a break from serious work on the laptop is to browse Etsy. Before you jump into thinking, it’s shopping again, I’ll like to clarify that it’s pretty inspiring too! Just earlier on, I was looking at letterpress. I am always as ever, blown away by this traditional craft. Here are some pieces I’m hearting:


  1. These are wonderful findings! I am a huge fan of letterpress too! If only i could find a letterpress workshop here ~ that would be so awesome! Thanks so much for sharing these lovely shops with us! Off to have a peek! Love to you!

    p/s: your kim chi fired rice looks yummie!


  2. What a beautiful findings. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

  3. I agree with jacqueline, i would jump at the chance to learn the basics of letterpress here in Singapore. And especially love pistachio press!

  4. Thanks for including my shop in your letterpress round up! I'm very honored. :)


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