Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good-looking & affordable storage Ideas

Since I shifted apartments in the beginning of this year, I have been fussing a bit over organising and storage. It’s still on-going by the way. I needed to find a way to make the little bit of space I have look uncluttered and at the same time have things easily accessible when I need them (possible scenario: need to quickly grab things and dash out of the house to catch the bus). Recently, I bought this bag holder. It hangs in the wardrobe and has slots to hold up to 14 bags. Best of all, it keeps things pretty flat. The holder isn’t super cheap but I’m loving it so far!

Flipping through the Japanese interior magazine I bought not long ago, I see some organising and storage ideas which I like.

For your crafty tools. I like to have them easily reachable.

Kitchen utensils. Hanging them means they dry easily too.

Having this near the entrance means less turning the house upside down looking for keys.

These organising ideas don’t entail heavy price tags and they look pretty good too!


  1. I adore your sweet and lovely. I tell you I could use some of those storage ideas around my home. xoxo

  2. Using S hooks to hang kitchen utensils is so clever! Tho I've never seen such good-looking S hooks here, shucks.

  3. Love the one in the kitchen such a great idea. Mika (


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