Monday, March 1, 2010

Afternoon Party

Thank you for your birthday wishes! I had a simple but sweet birthday weekend with T. I’ll love to celebrate it with you too and so I’ve decided to have a little make-believe party here! The only thing you need to bring is a light-hearted spirit!

Ah, here you are!
On time as usual.
It’s a gorgeous sunny afternoon
Highlights the green of the grass
Have a seat at our little age-worn wooden table
I dragged it out the house
Flipped grandma’s floral tablecloth into the air
And watched it fall slowly
Voila! The table is ready.

I love all things sweet
How can one not?
Get a little spoon or fork
and sink it in the cakes and pies
It’ll make you smile from inside out
They’re happy food!

I love to look around
see the lovely people surrounding me
listen to their laughter punctuates the chatter
We talk about the years passed
recollect childish but funny memories
And laugh at how we haven’t changed a bit
We’ve accompanied each other through life’s stages
And along the way
the proud moment during graduation
the climb up the career ladder
moving across continents
and perhaps the one that got away
Through it all
we witness ourselves become the persons we wanted to be

Life is beautiful
precisely because it’s unpredictable
And I’m so blessed
because you’re a part of mine


  1. Thoses pictures are gorgeous, I love the one with the yummy cakes !

  2. me-oh-my i must have missed the last post!
    happy birthday!
    i'm happy you had a good one : )


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