Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Warm toes - Collegien

So we don’t get winter over here but that hasn’t deterred folks from wearing boots or buying that really cool winter coat or turtle neck (Yeah, the air-conditioning in some offices are really cold). We don’t want to be left out when the rest of the world is preparing for these cold months (except for down under).

You know, I’m one of those whose fingers and toes get icy really easily. Yes, even here in Singapore. Imagine my glee when spotted these really cute slipper-socks, Collegien! If only I were still living in Japan, these would be perfect! Yes, they come in kawaii designs too! Hmm… my flooring here in Singapore can get a little chilly at times too :p

It’s not wrong to say these French-made slipper socks are sure to inject cheer into the cold days at home, right? They are ergonomically designed and has a molded “breathing” rubber sole. Ahh… I can imagine myself sitting on the sofa with a hot cup of cocoa, wriggling my toes in these super cute socks. I just need a fireplace to make the picture perfect!

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