Monday, December 14, 2009

Drawers with Stories - schubLaden

Hello lovelies, great to have you back. It's always nice to have you here to welcome a new week with me. It may feel lonely at times sitting here in front of the computer typing away. But it's nice to think that I am in fact not alone because you are reading over there, wherever you are. I have some little tidbits for updates on "Diary of a Soon-to-be Bride" but let's leave that for tomorrow, shall we? I feel like talking about design today. It seems like I haven't posted an interior-related post for a while (is it?).

Let's talk about vintage drawers. What do you think of them? Have any at home? Did you get them from that awesome flea market, salavaged it from the dumps, or was it handed down to you? Me? I love them. The wooden ones, of course. I love them the more when they boldly wear their distressed look or are adorned with an ornate looking handle. I always thought simply stacking the drawers alone one one top of another would make a lovely piece and a talking point.

schubLaden, a unique shop in the Berlin-Kreuzberg´s Graefedistrict takes it a little further. Taking its name from the German word for "drawers", these people create new furniture from unmated vintage drawers by building new shells to encapsulate the repurposed drawers. The simple designs of the shells are interestingly juxtaposed with the antique drawers, throwing the latter into sharper focus. Each unique furniture piece is signed, numbered and features drawers that tell a story all their own.

I could certainly use a few of these!

[via Furfin. Images: schubLaden and furfin]


  1. I love everything !

  2. So adorable!!!!!!! I want one in my room! :D The fact that each and every one unique and has it's own stories makes it so much more lovely. (:

  3. Wow, that must be the coolest store ever. I think garage sales are good places to find drawers that you can strip and refashion. I've always thought that drawers make a nice filing cabinet or folder holder on a desk, instead of the industrial office type furniture. Something about vintage just makes everything more homey feeling!

  4. You know... I used to take home drawers and old stuff I would find when walking past some rubbish dumpster. It'd be sitting there calling my name.. but then when i brough it home, my mum would throw them away.

    Now I can tell her... SEE being a RUBBISH COLLECTOR isnt so bad. hehe.

  5. Sarah: I am exactly the same! Boy am I glad to hear I'm not alone! Haha. I keep staring at the dumpster in my area when I walk by. Well, one never knows what precious finds there will be, right?

    Tortagialla: I'm with you on vintage love. Wished we had more quality garage sales here though.

    Valentia: I often look at an old piece of furniture and imagine what it was like previously and whose house it used to sit it.

    Stephanie: I love everything in your blog too! They're also so dreamy :)


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