Monday, October 12, 2009

[Weekend through the eyes of my iPhone] - #7

Hi there, welcome to a new week with me. I spent my weekend doing some essential shopping (battling the crowd as a result), celebrating a birthday, catching a movie, as well as forcing myself to go for a jog. Not what you would call super exciting but I had a good time nevertheless. It’s nice to sometimes slow down and appreciate the joy in the mundane and simple things in life.

I walk by this place almost every Sunday but this Sunday, I actually looked. The spiral staircases and the hanging clothes held a really interesting sight for me. Wish I had more than my iPhone camera with me then.

Amidst the activities, T and I found time for Ben & Jerry’s and devoured it in no time. The usual step after the last bit has been licked off the spoon, is for us to grin at each with satsifaction. "Nice!", I'll say. We share a common love for ice-cream. Huge love, in fact! Chocolate is also one of our loves. Once, I asked T to choose between ice-cream and chocolate as his no.1 favourite. He went for chocolate. My no.1 would be ice-cream and possibly chips. Chocolate would have to settle for a 3rd. What about you? What’s your weakness?

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  1. Ooh! I think I came across the same place with the spiral staircase, I think they're absolutely cute :) As for me my weakness depends on my cravings, and I only realised this as I read your post, I'd be devastated if I couldn't get chocolate for a long time, with ice cream not so much. Thanks for sharing your weekend!


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