Friday, September 18, 2009

The sky I wish to share with you

I saw this last week while gallivanting and couldn't help picking it up. The simple handwritten cover really atttracted me. Turning the pages to browse, I fell in love with its presentation. The artist articulates his emotions through self-captured scenes (presented on the left pages) which are accompanied by notes scribbled on postcards/envelopes (on the right pages). A lovely emotive collection of works.

“The Sky I wish to share with you”, by han. You can purchase the art book. They ship internationally! Just click here.

[images from source]

p/s It's a long weekend over here (yay!) so I'll see you back here on Tuesday. Meanwhile, get out of the house, pick up your craft project, have coffee with your pals, do something different this weekend, won't you? :)


  1. This book looks wonderful! Could you pop by my bubble space when you have time to have a peek and see how you like the gifts making so far? WOuld love to hear from you and in case there is a need to change anything please do let me know! Have a lovely merry happy LONG weekend and love to yoU!


  2. What a beautiful handlettering! Lovely art book!!

    Have a great long weekend!! oxox

  3. I wish my handwriting was that pretty...


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