Thursday, August 13, 2009

You have been warned - Fumo Fumo San

I got away with something sneaky recently. I showed off one of my favourite plushies in here *(^_^)*. Did you fall in love with the pink cutie too?

It may look harmless but don’t you be fooled! It was really this little creature that got me started with the whole kawaii fascination! Guilty as charged! Yes, I blame it totally. Just so you would not fall into the same trap, let me furnish you with some info on this fellow:

It is actually a member of a larger family who are just as dangerous. They are known as Fumo Fumo San. Believed to be residing in Japan, they have been spotted in many locations throughout the country. Their existence as a group means that they are able to appeal themselves to defenseless individuals with different preferences. Here are some mugshots so that you can keep a lookout.

In recent times, they have also taken to disguising themselves:
through their garments,

and passing off as daily necessities.

For more photos/info of the infamous family, click here and here. Do beware, You have been warned.

[images from the above links].


  1. Gosh, the yellow pajamas family is pretty hilarious! =p

  2. I totally get the fascination! Kawaii!

  3. So cute! If I lived in Japan I think I would be broke, I won't be able to control my shopping impulses! Or I might need therapy from retail therapy! Love the koala ones. :)

  4. You won't be surprised but I love the big cream bunny!


  5. These are hilariously cute -I love them! My kids would love these!!!

  6. gosh,they look so cute! can i adopt one of them? :D


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