Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nihon Ikimashio! Part 7

I couldn’t believe how fast time flew by. It’s always so when one is enjoying oneself, isn’t it? The next morning, I headed into Fukui-shi. Many shops weren’t opened yet so I took a leisurely walk through the usual routes I used to take when I was in town shopping. The familiar tune at the crossing put a smile to my lips, the tram pulling into the stop, the giggling school girls in their sailor-inspired uniforms…

I went to Loft and Kinokuniya. Understandably, that took up almost all the time I had. I wanted to take home the entire magazine shelf and because I couldn’t, I took so long deciding which magazines I should take home with me. Sigh, such painful and tough decisions, isn’t it? I knew you would understand. I had so much fun perusing the magazines though! The pages were stuffed full with surprises waiting to be sprung on me! Have I also mentioned that I REALLY love the simple elegance of Japanese designs too?

The arrangement was for me to meet Akiko and Chiyo-chan for lunch. I was keeping a lookout on the road as I was expecting them to drive by. Suddenly, I felt someone running towards me and before I knew it, I looked down to find a little hand slipped into mine. Chiyo-chan. I looked up again to see Akiko smiling as she walked towards me. Knowing my love for bread, Akiko took me to this cute little café housed in what looked liked a little cottage on the outside. The inside was just as charming!

That afternoon, I met up with Tanaka sensei and Nomura sensei. I had the yummiest matcha cake ever then. But for once, food was not the focal point for me. It was chatting with them. I lost track of time.

I hope you're enjoying this so far. Be sure to come back because tomorrow's post will be the last of this series. Well, till I visit Japan again, that is. Haha!!


  1. Sandy, i really enjoyed all your photos on your japan trip and the stories are great! Inspire me to save up some money and make a trip there. :) Thank you so much for sharing...have a lovely merry happy day! Love to you!

  2. The hanging mobile is so sweet!

  3. I agree with Dawn!

    Also Japanese magazines are so much cheaper in Japan but carrying so many back is impossible sadly!

  4. Hi Jacqueline, it's my pleasure! Thanks for reading. And you should definitely visit Japan!

    Hi Dawn and Sarah, I totally agree too! I was so preoccupied checking out the decor, I left my friend to the menu and ordering. Hehe.

    And next time, I will endeavour to bring along an almost empty luggage--> more space for fabrics and magazines! ;P

  5. Oh my, the magazines look so inspiring, and I love the style, kinda makes me want to own a house soon! The cafe looks inviting, and the breads so delicious! I adore bread too :)

    I really love your Japan visit posts :)

  6. Hi Sandy, I've really enjoyed your Japan posts.... I almost fell like I was there with you! I must get back there as soon as I can.

  7. Hey Lisa, you have to go back! I looked at your stash from Japan and wished I could take as much back. Hmm...too bad I was alone, otherwise I could ride on someone else's luggage allowance :p


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