Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happiness - Blanca Gómez

I came across Cosas Mínimas (Spanish for "Tiny Things"), an etsy shop by Blanca Gómez while surfing. The tiny things in this adorable shop includes prints of various sizes, cards, buttons and even pocket mirrors! I found her work somewhat familiar and later realized she is the same person behind an Uppercase magazine cover I saw recently. You might have seen it too, if not, here it is:

I like how clean and simple her designs are. And it certainly helps that they are kawaii! As I looked at more of her designs, I think what really appealed to me is that the characters she illustrates are happy. There may be an ominous grey cloud or huge raindrop looming above, but they are happy! Whether it’s just walking the streets or cycling, mundane as these daily activities may be, the characters wear a cute smile.

We often get bogged down by life and let that get the better of us. Or we think that happiness is something elusive that we have to spend our lives searching for. These designs remind me that happiness is really just a state of mind. It’s a matter of choice.

More on Blanca Gómez here
[images from Cosas mínimas. Click to enlarge]


  1. I love her illustrations!!!!!

    Makes me want to go and visit her online shop again :)

  2. I love this book! and yes, her designs are just exquisite. Fabulous post - thank you :) K

  3. how do you always manage to find such artistically cute and lovely stuff!! I love it!

  4. i'm such a fan of her work .... hadn't seen many of these. thanks for sharing!


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