Friday, July 17, 2009

[Wedding Series 10] - Colour Palettes

One of the first things that is decided on when preparing a wedding is your colour palette. After all, it will be worked into many visual aspects of your wedding. It is in complement with your chosen theme to make your wedding a unique and personal one. I am impressed whenever I attend a wedding with an obvious colour palette which is consistent throughout. It thrills me to see how the chosen colours are executed eg. “Oh, they have pink and white flowers, just like their invites”, “that’s a cute pink and white favor!” etc. I also know that it is a well-thought out wedding with everything carefully planned for, down to the details.

After looking at the numerous beautiful wedding-related images here in the blogsphere, aqua with its overtones of blue and green really appealed to me. I love how it can look so sweet and yet exude a sense of serenity. Oh and of course, it’s also related to that renowned gorgeous little blue box. I pick Tiffany Blue! It’ll be in my colour palette by hook or by crook.

Since the room in which my wedding dinner will be held has many touches of mustard yellow and gold, I have decided for my colour palette to comprise:
Tiffany blue, white and yellow/gold. My fiance? Oh, he's just too glad I'm taking care of the "niity gritties".

How did/will you decide on your colour palette? Was it based simply on your preferences? Do you and your partner have a couple colour?

P/S Can you believe it? We're into the 10th installment of our wedding series! Am I boring you? Do you like any particular bits about it? Hoping to read about something but I never seem to get to it? I'll love to hear from you! Happy weekend!


  1. I think aqua/Tiffany blue is a beautiful colour. It sure beats the usual pink or purple. Go for it babe! And I love the cupcakes and the wedding cake you posted, gorgeous!

    After reading all your wedding installments, I'm ashamed to say that I did not even put a tenth of your effort into my own wedding, haha...

  2. Hey there, I love checking out your blog. I'm enjoying the wedding series so much!
    I have added you to my blogroll, I hope that's okay wih you.

  3. Hi Jace, great to see you ard here. Man, it is no mean feat planning a wedding. But I am nit picky and it is once in a life time, so... Haha. I hope it all follows through though.

    Hi Indiana Munn, of course you can add me! Thanks and I am flattered. I will check out yours too.

  4. What a pretty collection of images! Keep posting about weddings if you are having fun!
    And thank you for always visiting my blog -your comments are so sweet and make my day!

  5. Beautiful colour combination! I like how it exudes this sense of serenity... yet it's feminine and quirky in a way. Very u. =) Can't wait to see it!

  6. you really have an eye for colour themes and beautiful things. your blog is really the prettiest, neatest and most eye-pleasing!

  7. These images are so pretty and refreshing! Not to mention very elegant, I can just imagine that your wedding will be absolutely fabulous!

  8. I love your blog and the pictures you have... my wedding was just over, and my colour theme was red and gold... real "cheena", but it turned out very well... your colours are beautiful, not really seen in Singapore... congrats to your wedding and have a great and wonderful day!


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