Monday, July 13, 2009


You remember Pocky, don’t you? Everyone snacks on when they were a kid and some still snack on them well into their adulthood. Ahem…guilty as charged. Well I ahem..., also used to stick one into my mouth and pretended I was puffing a cigarette and of course, looking very cool too. C’mon, ‘fess up. I can’t be the only weird kid who did this.

Glico are the people who make Pocky, and you might also know that they make Glico Pretz too, right? But, you might not know that they now make Glico Prez in purple potato flavour! They’re real yummy! Kudos to their taste engineers because these really do taste like the real thing! I kid you not. They also come in new re-sealable packaging. But if you ask me, I see no necessity because you ain’t gonna stop till the pretz are no more.

I keep getting amazed at the array of flavours being launched over the years.
French toast and beer:

Edamame and ume shio (pickleed plum):

I'm partial towards this vintage version!

Hey hey you there! You dashing out to the nearest Japanese-stocked supermarket? Ok ok, at least you waited till I finished.

[images from top, left to right: 1-2 Japanese Snack Reviews, 3 Luckykatt's Flickr photostream, 4 Toast Blog, 5-6 Glico Pretz, 7 loveberry's Flickr photostream]


  1. hahah the flavours they come up with! But they also get way more expensive! Sighs

  2. OMG, I just ate Pretz yesterday! Purple potato sounds interesting, and will have to try pickled plum too!


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