Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I love my bread - sliced bread notebook

Hands up those of you who love bread. See that girl with both hands in the air who’s also leaping up and down? That’ll be me. Yes, I don’t just love bread. I looooove it! So much so that my Asian roots are suspect. You see, to the Chinese, rice is our staple. A meal without rice is not really considered a meal. Noodles comes the closest to being acceptable. But bread? Noooooo. Concerned friends and family would be asking me time and again “you’re not hungry?”, “why are you eating so little?”, “that’s all you are having?”, when I am found to be holding yet another sandwich in my hands during mealtimes. Did you know that 2 slices of it gives about the same amount of calories as a bowl of rice? Anyhow, I persisted in my love affair with bread. No one is going to come between me and bread. The smell of freshly baked bread is one of my favourite smells in the world.

This sliced bread notebook combines 2 of my favourite things—bread and paper. How wonderful is it? Designed by Burak Kaynak and Cem Has, there are 12 notebooks in a “loaf”, one for each month. Note taking has just become delicious!

[images from Burak Kaynak]

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