Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fashion Film Noir - Lady Dior

Angel Sandy: I’m not much of a luxury brand buyer

(Devil Sandy: C’mon, we know the real reason is ‘coz you don’t have the cash, baby.)

Angel Sandy: But I’m loving the latest ad by French luxury label, Dior. It’s a film noir-inspired segment of more than 6 minutes long! The low-key black and white visuals and shady underworld themes of classic Hollywood film noir are just so cool.

(Devil Sandy: Oooh, trying to hide the materialism beneath a mask of art appreciation.)

Angel Sandy: Comprising 4 filmlets starring French actress Marion Cotillard, the story involves a kidnapping and has the actress on the top of the Eiffel Tower, which with its own intricate pattern and design, is like the Lady Dior Handbag itself.

(Devil Sandy: You kid no one, you are coveting. Nothing wrong with that, baby.)

Angel Sandy *whispers*: Just shut up, won’t you.

(Devil Sandy: Hey, I’m only speaking your real thoughts and guiding you towards the joys of material comforts!)

*fight ensures*

See the ad segment online here.

[images from: Magnifique Marion Cotillard Photo Gallery


  1. Devil Sandy is always right.

  2. Tsk tsk, you shouldn't be on Devil Sandy's side :p

    Thanks for visiting, Jace!

  3. They are all lovely, but the top photo is stunning! I have to say, I agree with the Devil as well :) Nothing wrong with a little retail therapy. Thanks for sharing.


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