Monday, May 4, 2009

Lutterlagkage's inspirational home

I was sitting around wondering what to blog about today and decided to check out the cyberworld for some for inspiration. I chanced upon Lutterlagkage’s beautiful home through Flickr (what would we do without Flickr?) and was instantly drawn to it. It was eclectic, vintage, inviting and inspirational. Definitely the works of a creative soul! I love how she decorates her place with random items and is able to put them together so harmoniously. I will not be surprised to learn that each item has a story behind it. I *heart* that wooden piece hanging on the wall.

The lovely wallpaper certainly brightens one’s mood. Doesn’t it just scream “happy”?

[images from Lutterlagkage]

Her home is not just eye-candy but more importantly, I can imagine a family living it in. Check out more photos of her home and the rest of her portfolio here.

And I was right about her being a creative soul. She is an amazing crafter! She makes lots of cute stuff but primarily children’s clothing and accessories for home d├ęcor. She owns a webshop. It’s currently only in Danish but you can still snoop around and check out her works.


  1. Those are really eye candy photos! Love the vintage feel...thanks for sharing this with us. Have a lovely week ahead!

  2. Wow! I really like the wallpaper in the bedroom, especially with the Eames Chair against it. And the orange Smeg fridge is so cool!

  3. i think i had a dream about an orange fridge... how fantastic is that? and the orange chairs?! oh my, i'm in love. thanks for sharing!!

  4. Thanks so much for posting about my home. I was so proud to read that the feeling I went for when I made this comes across. What really made me happy was that you noticed that my home if for living not (only ;))for showcasing. And your right about the story behind things.
    Thanks for stopping by.


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