Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nitori- Japanese furniture and accessories store

I haven't blogged on interiors for a while and was thinking of what to write about. It was eureka before long and I could hardly wait to share this wonderful place with you.

We were entering the cold season and I was complaining of how icy cold my bedsheets were. It was making sleep unpleasant. Silly me was still sleeping on my cotton sheets. See, back in where I came from, we use cotton sheets all year long. Never did it enter my mind that one needed to switch to sheets of warmer materials. This was when my sweet Japanese friend introduced me to Nitori ニトリ.

Nitori turned out to be much more than I expected. My eyes widened like a little girl in a candy store the moment I stepped in. My heart was pumping and endorphins were released without me exercising. Nitori carried EVERYTHING from furniture, interior furnishings to kitchen ware and bedding. Beautiful, well-designed products. I told my Japanese friend in quick breaths that we would be taking a while in there. Nitori is Japan's answer to Ikea! I strolled down almost every single aisle, never mind that they were displaying things I obviously do not need.

Needless to say, I made several subsequent visits to Nitori. And I have been sleeping on snugly warm bedsheets ever since. 

[images from Nitori]


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